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"The bigger the pothole, the heavier the load and the quicker the pace, the better the Ironman felt, as it was able to cancel out bumps with more authority"  -Overlander Magazine - Australia
"We'd take the Ironman kit... not only because of the price, but because it improves rough-terrain capability and is a heavier-duty setup more suited to the rigors of towing or 4WD touring."  -Overlander Magazine - Australia
"We wanted something that is comfortable in the dirt, adds some badly needed ground clearance and is strong. The ironman lift meets all requirements... Everything works great with the Ironman 4x4 lift!... Everything is made bigger and beefier than OEM. Two thumbs up for Ironman 4x4..."  -4WD Toyota Owner Magazine - USA

Hi Guys
I brought and fitted an Ironman commercial bar to my 98 GU Patrol. I am very happy with the quality of the bar.
I was advised by a 4x4 shop to go with another company, but I didn't want to pay the huge cost of some other companies and went with the Ironman one anyway.
I fitted it myself and it fitted up with ease and looks fantastic. I will be recommending the Ironman bull bar to anyone who wants to listen.
Great product at a great price, well done guys. Keep up the good work.

Chris Kelly - Bertram, Western Australia

To the team at Ironman 4x4:
I recently purchased two suspension kits from you. One for my parent`s 2003 Nissan Patrol and one for my FJ62 Landcrusier. The Patrol was stock standard. The lift was spot on 50mm and simple to fit, however the biggest suprise was the ride. With stiffer springs the truck like ride was expected to become harsher? However the ride is smoother and much more controlled. My Landcrusier lift was also very close to the mark. With new shackles, pins and steering damper the ride has improved so much on the road and off, that it has transformed the old girl into a pleasure to drive everywhere!

Cheers, Al

I am a fan of Ironman gear, already having another car fitted with full Ironman Suspension, and have the full Ironman Recovery Kit.
With my new BT50 I will be hoping to get the Ironman Snorkel, Full Suspension upgrade, Bullbar, Maxi Jack, Long Range Fuel Tank and hopefully even the dual battery system.
Love the products and keep them coming.

Cheers, Clinton Blythe


The IRONMAN 4x4 Experience

We are the DURO 4x4 Team, honouring our name we are not crazy but persistent and overall real fighters. That is why we trust IRONMAN 4x4 because it is the only brand that can support and endure the challenges of the roads that we travel with our car all year round .
We compete in more than 12 races in different landscapes including “Los Caminos del Inca” a race that includes a total of 2700km in 7 days. We travel along Peru and their towns on the hardest of roads in the country and that is why we cannot afford to chose the wrong partner on suspension; because we are not just jeopardizing our results but our lives. That is why we chose IRONMAN 4x4 as our partner for the hard 4x4 roads.

Gracias, Duro 4x4, Peru, Latin America

G'day, we fitted an Ironman 2" lift suspension kit with Foam Cell shocks, to our 2005 Ford Courier in 2009, approximately 45,000 kms ago. We are living in Western Australia, and in September we left on a trip to Ayres Rock from Geraldton, via the Old Gunbarrel Hwy (including the abandoned section), and return along the Great Central Rd, around 4500 km. These roads are known to be some of the most corrugated in Australia, but we had no suspension dramas, and the shocks didn't fade at all. We are extremely pleased with the decision to use Ironman; not just in price but now it has proven itself as well.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Chris & Fiona Boxhall - Geraldton, WA


Dear Suspension Solutions, (Ironman 4x4 - South Africa)
We have a customer that has been driving 4x4 vehicles for some time, and being in the fire response business, his small fleet of
vehicles is well used.

This customer bought a Hilux Vigo last year, and came to us for a winch to be mounted inside the existing bumper, we fitted an Ironman winch.
2 months later, this morning he called me, to say that he was at Sodwana Bay where a Pajero was stuck in the water / sand and the tide was coming in. The Pajero was at the point of almost floating with the waves crashing on to it. You can imagine the owner's state!
A Toyota Landcruiser with an opposition winch was hooked up to the Pajero, but with the weight of the vehicle and the sand / water, he was just winching himself towards the Pajero. My customer offered to bury the Hilux behind the Landcruiser and be the anchor. The opposition winch could still not budge the Pajero, and no one else on the beach was prepared to offer their assistance, having the same winch on their vehicles.

They then reversed the situation with the Landcruiser being the anchor, and the Hilux doing the retrieval. The Ironman Winch did what the others could not do, to everyone's amazement the Pajero was retrieved from the sea, and is being repaired.

It was certainly with pride and joy from all, that Ironman`s name was firmly stamped on saving the Pajero!

Regards - Ian Woolridge Motors

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